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Pencil illustration of Freckled Face

This is a pencil of “Freckled Face,” an Arapaho Indian. She is also the wife of “Little Bird,” one of Karchners’ other studies. Photographer Frank A. Rinehart (1862-1928) took the photo used for reference. The photograph was taken in the year 1898.A beautiful woman in her own right, “Freckled Face’s” ceremonial cape is very unique in the fact that is covered with elk teeth. The eyeteeth from an elk are one of the very few sources of ivory in the world. There are over 225 teeth that are visible in this “pencil,” meaning that there are probably well over 500 teeth sewed to her cape. The ivories from an elk are still highly desirable and collectable for ornate jewelry and other uses.

Pencil on heavy-weight illustration board.

Edition of 250.

Original is available. $600.00

Inquire today about purchasing the original. Call 307-899-2052 or email

Measures: 8″ x 10.3″

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