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Painting of A Wyoming Spirit Brett Keisel

Brett Keisel Interview with Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine

Brett Keisel talks about his love of hunting, A Wyoming Spirit painting, and of course, the beard... By Alan Clemons, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine While growing up in Wyoming, Brett Keisel loved hunting and being outdoors in the wide open country loved by so many outdoorsmen. He's currently an All-Pro defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers. At 35 years old, Keisel has toiled in the National Football League for a dozen years, earning high praise from coaches, teammates and opponents for his work ethic, dedication and professionalism. He has hunted for 20 years and his favorite animals to hunt with his bow are white-tailed deer and elk. Keisel and his family live in Pennsylvania. He was interviewed by Alan Clemons for this "I'm A Deer Hunter" feature: You're in Pennsylvania, one of the top states for deer hunting, but it collides with the NFL season. Do you get to do any hunting in autumn at home? Absolutely. I stick with archery, the weather is nice here early in the season and my body is not too beat up at that point. By time rifle season gets here it's hard to get out of bed and into a tree somewhere.…

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