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Photo of the cover of "A Book of Cards" book

A Book of Cards

I am totally honored to be included in Art Rooney, Jr's new 125 page publication, "A Book of Cards." It features the many, many Steelers and boxing cards that he has commissioned myself along with many great sports artists. Many don't know that Art Jr's father Art Sr. owned a boxing club in Pittsburgh where the likes of Jake LaMotta and Billy Conn fought. If you look, you will see my illustration on the card art that I did of Jake LaMotta. I owe a lot to my good friend, Art Jr. for putting me on another level of art and notoriety.

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Painting of A Wyoming Spirit Brett Keisel

Brett Keisel Interview with Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine

Brett Keisel talks about his love of hunting, A Wyoming Spirit painting, and of course, the beard... By Alan Clemons, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine While growing up in Wyoming, Brett Keisel loved hunting and being outdoors in the wide open country loved by so many outdoorsmen. He's currently an All-Pro defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers. At 35 years old, Keisel has toiled in the National Football League for a dozen years, earning high praise from coaches, teammates and opponents for his work ethic, dedication and professionalism. He has hunted for 20 years and his favorite animals to hunt with his bow are white-tailed deer and elk. Keisel and his family live in Pennsylvania. He was interviewed by Alan Clemons for this "I'm A Deer Hunter" feature: You're in Pennsylvania, one of the top states for deer hunting, but it collides with the NFL season. Do you get to do any hunting in autumn at home? Absolutely. I stick with archery, the weather is nice here early in the season and my body is not too beat up at that point. By time rifle season gets here it's hard to get out of bed and into a tree somewhere.…

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Pittsburgh October 2011 1

Pittsburgh – October 2011

I wanted to post a photo of the framed piece of ":09 Seconds Remaining" that I did for Brett Keisel. What a great job my friend did on the framing! If you look closely, you will see that she mounted one of my brushes that I used to paint his portrait with. The brush has a splash of "Steeler Gold" on the tip. Brett loved it! On to Pittsburgh to deliver the painting to Brett and go to the Steelers/Titans game on October 9th. In the owner's booth with the Rooneys at the Steelers/Titans game on October 9th! Good times for all! Did I say, the Steelers won? Steeler owner, Art Rooney, Jr and I discussing football at the Steeler/Titans game on October 9th. What an honor to sit in this great man's presence! Mr. Rooney said it looks like we are getting ready to send in the next play! Art Rooney, Jr. and I signing Brett Keisel prints. I donated one of these prints to the Steelers for their next upcoming charity event. Denny

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Steeler Great, L.C. Greenwood

L.C. Greenwood ‘being cheated’ out of Hall

L.C. Greenwood shown next to my painting in this article about him being cheated from the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Twenty-nine years after retiring from professional football, L.C. Greenwood's time in the spotlight is again coming around. The former Steelers defensive end turned 65 this month, and thousands of fans from his native Mississippi to Pittsburgh are mounting a campaign to get him elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Despite impressive statistics that include twice being named All-Pro and selected to six Pro Bowls as a member of the legendary Steel Curtain defense that helped the 1970s teams win six AFC Division Championships and four Super Bowls, Greenwood isn't enshrined in Canton, Ohio, despite seven nominations since 1991. Though quarterback sacks were not yet an official statistic, Greenwood recorded 73.5 sacks during his 13-year career and recovered 14 fumbles. Knee injuries forced his retirement before the start of the 1982 season. "I don't know what my career would have been without him," said former defensive tackle Joe Greene, inducted in 1987. "He should absolutely be in the Hall of Fame. Bottom line, he's being cheated." ...Read full article: Greene: L.C. Greenwood 'being cheated' out of Hall -…

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Brett Keisel Ranch 01

Brett Keisel Lands at the Ranch

Brett came to the ranch in Cody, Wyoming on July 3rd 2011 to see his painting that he commissioned me to do. I offered up my suggestion for the title of my latest piece. In my painting, he looks up at the scoreboard, giving me the title, ":09 Seconds Remaining." He loved it! We also picked the proper framing which will feature one of the actual brushes that I used to paint the piece. It has a splash of gold paint on the tip. It will be mounted in a small opening in the matte. Needless to say, Brett really liked the painting! (See below) It was all Brett's idea for this photo! At first, I thought it was funny but after he left, the more I thought about it, I considered this one of the best compliments I could receive! While Brett was here, he signed some special items for me and two special friends, Becky Jones and Scott Spillman of Tampa, FL. Scott and I were fellow artists at VF Imagewear. Scott and Becky were seated right behind the Steeler bench fall of 2010 when they defeated the Tampa Bay Bucs. This was the infamous game where Brett…

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Steeler Digest

Karchner Artwork makes the Steeler Digest

Denny's artwork and painting of former Pittsburgh Steeler, Andy Russell's new book makes the latest issue of the Steeler Digest. In the article, Andy discusses his newest book titled "Beyond The Goalpost," a tribute to his history-making relationship with the Steelers and their fans throughout his career. What an honor to share his legacy through his art! Visit the Steeler Digest website.

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“Beyond the Goalpost” by former Pittsburgh Steeler, Andy Russell

“Beyond the Goalpost” by former Pittsburgh Steeler, Andy Russell

In October 2009, Denny had the privilege of creating all the cover graphics for former Pittsburgh Steeler, Andy Russell's new book titled Beyond The Goalpost. Denny's oil painting of Andy was featured along with a photograph of Three Rivers Stadium taken by photographer, David B. King from Washington D.C. The foreword was written by the famous Hall of Fame member, running back and former Pittsburgh Steeler, Franco Harris.The back cover features this famous photograph of Former Steeler Linebackers, Jack Ham, Jack Lambert and Andy Russell. This photograph was taken to showcase what is still an NFL Record. These three linebackers went to 24 Pro Bowls! This is Andy's third book. The inside front cover flap reads in his own words: Andy has always been attracted to athletic challenge, adventure and possibly even danger. In this book Andy tries to understand what it was that drove him as a young child, and to recall who were his mentors and especially ask himself why he was so driven to pursue what many would consider dangerous sporting activities - for example: professional football, mountain climbing, wilderness canoeing, cave exploring, and scuba diving. In some ways this book could be considered a biography as…

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Andy Russel #34 Painting

Art Institute of Pittsburgh Alumni Show 2009

Denny has been invited to show two of his pieces of artwork for the 2009 Annual Alumni Show at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Denny's two pieces of art are the original oil painting of former Pittsburgh Steeler, Andy Russell and a pencil study of Hall of Famer and former Pittsburgh Steeler, "Bullet" Bill Dudley. Both pieces are on loan by Art Rooney, Jr., owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The dates of the show will be from October 5th through November 27th, 2009 and the reception will be held on Friday, November 20th in the evening.

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