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Brett Keisel Ranch 01

Brett came to the ranch in Cody, Wyoming on July 3rd 2011 to see his painting that he commissioned me to do. I offered up my suggestion for the title of my latest piece. In my painting, he looks up at the scoreboard, giving me the title, “:09 Seconds Remaining.” He loved it! We also picked the proper framing which will feature one of the actual brushes that I used to paint the piece. It has a splash of gold paint on the tip. It will be mounted in a small opening in the matte.

Needless to say, Brett really liked the painting! (See below) It was all Brett’s idea for this photo! At first, I thought it was funny but after he left, the more I thought about it, I considered this one of the best compliments I could receive!

Brett Keisel Ranch 07

While Brett was here, he signed some special items for me and two special friends, Becky Jones and Scott Spillman of Tampa, FL. Scott and I were fellow artists at VF Imagewear. Scott and Becky were seated right behind the Steeler bench fall of 2010 when they defeated the Tampa Bay Bucs. This was the infamous game where Brett intercepted the ball and returned it for a 79 yard touchdown!

Here is Becky. After the game was over, Brett turned around and threw his left glove to Becky. Now, wouldn’t you have thrown your glove to this young lady too?

Brett Keisel Ranch 03

The glove!

Brett Keisel Ranch 02

I brought “The Glove” back to Cody from Tampa with me because Brett offered to sign it for her. Along with his signature, he added “79 YRD TD.” What a prize!

Brett Keisel Ranch 04

Brett also signed Becky’s Steeler helmet. This is the same helmet that Rocky Bleier and Franco Harris signed the night the Steelers beat the Jets in the 2010 season playoffs.

Brett Keisel Ranch 05

Brett also signed my Keisel jersey! Along with his signature, he wrote “To Denny, A true artist! Thanks for the great work.” Brought a tear to my eye!

Brett Keisel Ranch 06

Brett even signed a few things for the neighbor kids! Leigh and I can’t begin to say what a gracious and kind guy he is! What a great afternoon! “GO STEELERS!!”


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