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Painting of No Time for Flowers

The piece is 16″ x 20″ overall. It is painted in acrylics on a 1/8″ thick museum-grade Masonite, Ampersand Claybord. It has a white, slightly textured Gesso-covered clay surface. It is pH Neutral and acid-free. One other advantage of the Masonite Claybord over a stretched canvas is that is very durable and a lot more stable. Another advantage to these boards is that they are all ready for paint without prepping them in any way.

Here we go. Leigh took a fantastic photograph of a massive buffalo bull plodding through the famous Hayden Valley of Yellowstone National Park in September of 2005. I located another shot of Hayden Valley that I liked and put here buffalo bull into it. Here is the first day’s work with the sky completed.

No Time for Flowers WIP 01

This is day two. In the background are lodge-pole pines, native to the park and the distant rolling hills added.

No Time for Flowers WIP 02

Here I have the buffalo roughed in. I have been told that I do have some strange artistic techniques. I create in pieces. I do try to finish off the areas as I go, but I am a realist in another sense. I do go back in and re-work all the areas if needed after I see the piece as a whole. There will be many changes to what you see here.

No Time for Flowers WIP 03

Here is day four. I have roughed in the grass with the base greens. Olive green in the background running to the foreground which has more brilliant greens.

No Time for Flowers WIP 04

Day five. I have laid down another heavier covering of greens on the grassy areas. This will help create some of the highlights in the grass.

No Time for Flowers WIP 05

On day six, I have painted in what will eventually be the shadow areas between the blades of grass and flowers. I also went into the pine trees behind and added more detail.

No Time for Flowers WIP 06

Day seven, more grass detail, now comes the flower base coats.

No Time for Flowers WIP 07

On day eight I have all the pink flowers roughed in. On this day, I went in and laid more detail and contrast to the buffalo.

No Time for Flowers WIP 08

On day nine, I have the flowers almost done. All that is left to do is paint in all the fine detail in those flowers and the blades of grass and sign it.

The final!

No Time for Flowers

Here are four close-ups so you can view the detail in these areas.

No Time for Flowers WIP 09

No Time for Flowers WIP 10

No Time for Flowers WIP 11

No Time for Flowers WIP 12

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned, there are many more of my works in progress to come.


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