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Painting of The Sentinel of Southfork

This is my third painting of my good friend, Sheldon Hanson. It is traditional oils on Ampersand Gessobord. The overall size is 11″ x 14″. I painted in the background awhile back to make sure that it was dry. This is day one of my work in progress. Here I painted in the base coat for his coyote skin cap.

I had Sheldon pose in an old, full length, buffalo skin robe. He was wearing a full coyote skin cap while holding his favorite flintlock rifle.

Sentinel of Southfork WIP 01

Here is day two. I have added more detail to Sheldon’s coyote skin cap. I will add some more detail after that paint dries. I have roughed in his face and beard. There is still quite a bit of detail to be added here once the base coat sets up over night.

Sentinel of Southfork WIP 02

This is day three. I added a little more base coat to Sheldon’s beard. After it dries, I will start to paint in the actual hairs. I roughed in the collar on his buffalo skin coat and his leather fringed shirt. The dark red piece of cloth with the brass ring is what holds the eagle feather that is lying on his left shoulder.

Sentinel of Southfork WIP 03

On day four, I added a little more hair to Sheldon’s beard. I still have some more to paint once it dries. I roughed in his flintlock rifle and his hand. Once the paint sets up, I can finish detailing both. I also roughed in part of his coyote skin cap that is lying on his left shoulder.

Sentinel of Southfork WIP 04

Here is the final. If you look, you will see the final details that I added to his face if you compare it to version four.

The Sentinel of Southfork

Thanks for riding along. Stay tuned, there are many more of my work-in-progresses to come.


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