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Painting of Michael Terry as “The Courter”

This was the second in Denny’s Michael “Bad Hand” Terry series, titled “The Courter.” Michael is portraying a Northern Cheyenne, circa 1860-1870 and is “looking for a bride.” Portrayed, he is wearing an eagle feather war bonnet trimmed with row-after-row of Italian glass beadwork that the Native Americans traded for. Above the beads is a row of small bells. The sides of the war bonnet have rows of long, white ermine hides, otherwise known as weasel. The sleeves and sections of the front of Michael’s shirt are also trimmed with hundreds of rows of ochre and turquoise glass beads. Lining Michael’s shoulders and the back of his arms are rows of human hair strands, held tightly by metal beads.He wears a bright red, white and blue blanket wrapped around his waist. The blanket is one like those the U.S. Government gave the Indian Chiefs of that time. Just out of sight, on Michael’s chest, is a “Presidential Peace” medal, also given to the Indian Chiefs. Lastly, the fan he is portrayed holding was made from immature eagle feathers. Hanging from it are more ermine furs and leather thongs that are below his right hand. Michael hand-made all the authentic regalia that he is shown wearing.

Medium is traditional oils on “Clayboard,” gesso-coated Masonite.

Edition of 150.

Original is available. $4,900.00

Inquire today about purchasing the original. Call 307-899-2052 or email

Measures: 17″ x 23″

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