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Painting of Sasha – Amba Chante (Goodbye Heart)

Finally after several months of working out issues with my eyesight, I am now fitted with new contacts. This is my first painting with my new eyes. This stunning model is our friend, Sasha Livingston. She is part Apache and was born and raised in Cody, Wyoming. She now works and resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At the time of my painting she is 26 years old. I met her through her mother, Nabu Livingston. Chances has it, when you are always wearing your favorite Pittsburgh Steelers garb, you’re bound to run into other well-dressed fans which is what happened. Nabu and her friend were all decked out in the Steelers colors! We all stopped to chat in Cody one day and discuss our common bond. She said her daughter was a die-hard Steelers fan as well. It came up that I was an artist for Steelers Vice-President Art Rooney, Jr. and a western artist. She immediately said, you need to meet my daughter, she would be the perfect model. Frankly, I hear this a lot. Everyone knows someone for me to paint. Several weeks later, I found out Nabu’s words to be very true!! Sasha came into town for a visit and we immediately set up a photo shoot with Leigh doing the honors with Nabu helping to get Sasha all ready.

Sasha is wearing a hand made leather, Apache wedding dress designed by Nabu and made by her close friend, Nancy Snow. The detail on the beautiful hand-made, beaded choker is second to none! Lastly, the custom deer antler handled knife was made by a really close friend of Nabu. One of his last wishes was that the knife go to Nabu after he passed on. What a keepsake!

I want to thank Sasha for giving me the opportunity to sit for us. Thanks to Nabu for making it all happen. Thanks to Leigh for always making my paintings the best ever, and lastly, I thank God for giving me the help getting my eyes back to where I can paint beauties like Sasha again.

This piece will be featured at the Plainsmen Gallery Wildlife & Western Visions Art Show, April 26 in Dunedin, FL.

Traditional oils on Ampersand Gessobord Masonite.

Signed and numbered prints available. Edition of 150.

Original is available. $2,900.00

Inquire today about purchasing the original. Call 307-899-2052 or email

Measures: 12″ x 16″

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