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Painting of Gordon Bond-Shiloh

This portrait is Gordon Bond of Land Of Lakes, Florida. “Shiloh Jasper Green,” as he refers to himself, is a member of S.A.S.S., a/k/a the “Single Action Shooting Society,” a national organization of quick-draw artists and shooting competitors.Denny met Gordon through an acquaintance at his printer’s shop in Tampa. Denny called him on the phone to inquire if he would be interested in posing for his photographer, Leigh, to obtain photographic reference for a painting he wanted to do and was subsequently invited to an upcoming quick-draw competition in Florida near where he lived at the time. Mr. Bond was more than happy to pose as were many of his friends at the competition.

Medium is traditional oils on “Clayboard,” gesso-coated Masonite.

Edition of 350.

Original has been sold.

Inquire today about purchasing the original. Call 307-899-2052 or email

Measures: 16″ x 20″

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