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Brett Keisel Ranch 01

Brett Keisel Lands at the Ranch

Brett came to the ranch in Cody, Wyoming on July 3rd 2011 to see his painting that he commissioned me to do. I offered up my suggestion for the title of my latest piece. In my painting, he looks up at the scoreboard, giving me the title, ":09 Seconds Remaining." He loved it! We also picked the proper framing which will feature one of the actual brushes that I used to paint the piece. It has a splash of gold paint on the tip. It will be mounted in a small opening in the matte. Needless to say, Brett really liked the painting! (See below) It was all Brett's idea for this photo! At first, I thought it was funny but after he left, the more I thought about it, I considered this one of the best compliments I could receive! While Brett was here, he signed some special items for me and two special friends, Becky Jones and Scott Spillman of Tampa, FL. Scott and I were fellow artists at VF Imagewear. Scott and Becky were seated right behind the Steeler bench fall of 2010 when they defeated the Tampa Bay Bucs. This was the infamous game where Brett…

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:09 Seconds Remaining ā€“ Brett Keisel

Work In Progress – :09 Seconds Remaining – Brett Keisel

This is Steeler Defensive End, Brett Keisel from Greybull, Wyoming. This painting is traditional oils on museum-grade Masonite. The finished size is 16" x 20". Here is version one. I laid down the base coat for his helmet shell. A lot more detail to come! This is day two. Today I roughed in Brett's face. Day three. Here I roughed his helmet cage. This is one of the toughest things that I paint. Next in line, are a rifle barrel and hands. I would rather paint ten faces than one helmet cage! The real challenge is to paint a true straight line. Any slight variations really jump off the board to my eye. A good example of a real challenge for me was this piece titled Spirit, Horse, Hunter. A lot of the parts of Richard Ashburn's flintlock had many straight lines to contend with. Then, throw in my other favorite thing to paint, hands! Day four. After his helmet and cage dried, I was able to paint the melted snow droplets on the surfaces. If you look close, there are even a few hanging from his cage bars. I will add a few more on the bars in front…

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Painting of Rodeo Spirit

Work In Progress – Rodeo Spirit

This is a commission piece. This is Rick Scruggs from Duncan, South Carolina. Rick has been riding since the age of two. He specializes in team roping and calf roping. His mother was gifting this painting to Rick's father. Rick is posed with his favorite saddle that his father bought for him. It's a high-end Courts roping saddle handmade by a company called McMaster Custom Tack in Texas. This painting is traditional oils on museum-grade Masonite. The finished size is 24" x 20". Here is version one. I am giving you a close-up first since I am working just the face area. This is day two. I have smoothed out the flesh and hat while adding more detail to the face and hat. On the second day, the paint sets up and makes it easy to use a dry brush to blend and smooth everything out. Here is a close-up of version two. Day three. I pretty much finished detailing his face and managed to get the Courts saddle roughed in. Day four. Iā€™m still working all of the saddle detail. I just love painting leather and metal! Day five. The saddle is just about complete. You can even see…

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Painting of Over the Great Divide

Work In Progress – Over the Great Divide

This is my good friend and hunting buddy, Sheldon Hanson. He is also my neighbor here in Cody, Wyoming. I have him and his horse, Junior posed in front of the famous Grand Teton Mountains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This painting is traditional oils on museum-grade Masonite and the finished size is 18" x 24". Here is day two. Day three. I finally got all the details finished on the mountain tops as well the area below which are actually trees, high meadows and rock formations. Where the trees stop is the tree line, which in the Rocky Mountains, usually stops in the 9000 feet above sea level range. As you can see, I got Sheldon's face roughed in. On this version, I laid down the base coat for Sheldon's horse and added the rifle scabbard. I also finished detailing his face, beard and hat. I have Junior's head just about done. I will then move over to Sheldon's shirt for the next go around. I laid in the base coat for Sheldon's leather shirt and pants. This was about a day and a half worth of work. On this version, it took several days to add all the textures,…

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Pencil illustration of The Three Ubertis

Work In Progress – The Three Ubertis – A tutorial

This "pencil" piece is "The Three Ubertis." Uberti is a gun manufacturer based in Italy. They specialize in the making of fine "Western Vintage Firearms," and are favorites of many collectors and shooters. Pencil on heavy-weight illustration board. Edition of 250. Original donated to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center 2004 Art Auction, Cody, WY--Private Collection. Measures: 12" x 18" The Three Ubertis took over 100 hours to complete over a 10 day period. View the slideshow below.

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Painting of Western Contemplation ā€“ Dustin Roush

Work In Progress – Western Contemplation

This is my good friend Dustin Roush from Gillette, Wyoming. Dustin posed for Leigh and I in July of 2006 at the DC Bar Guest Ranch, my friend's ranch in Pinedale, Wyoming. Dustin and his family operate a very large beef cattle ranch in Gillette. Dustin was completing "guide school" classes at the time so he can work as a licensed hunting guide in the state of Wyoming. Dustin is a "master" with a lasso. He was giving lessons to all the other students. What a great kid he is as well as a pure gentleman. Here is the first day's work. This is a rough base coat. Here is day two. I have added more detail to Dustin's face, Stetson, shirt and hands. I was able to lay in the base coat for the upper part of his jeans. This is a close-up of that area. This is day three. I finished the base coat for his jeans and boots. On day four I finished detailing his jeans and boots. I have also roughed in his lasso and the dirt at his feet. This is a close-up of that area. This is day five. I have pretty much finished…

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Painting of Spirit, Horse, Hunter ā€“ Richard Ashburn

Work In Progress – Spirit, Horse, Hunter – Richard Ashburn

This piece is titled Spirit, Horse, Hunter. My model's name is Richard Ashburn. He is a guide from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He actually has lived the life of an actual mountain man for over thirty years. The piece is traditional oils on the Ampersand Gessobord Masonite. The size is 18" x 24". The reference photograph used was taken by my wife, Leigh. It was taken at the Mountain Man Rendezvous in July 2006, Pinedale, Wyoming. Here is version one. This is version two. In Richard's hand is his custom made English Pattern Henry rifle built for him by Steve Hill. To read more about Steve Hill, Larry Walker and their outstanding works of art, check this link: This is version three. There was still a lot of detailing to be done, especially on his left chest, left arm, left hand and left knee area. BTW, I have never seen so much fringe on a person! On version four, I have added a lot more fine detail all over Richard, his rifle and clothing. I also painted in the stretched beaver pelt at his feet. Here is the final. To see some of the detailed areas, here are three close-up…

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Steeler Great, L.C. Greenwood

Work In Progress – Steeler Great, L.C. Greenwood

This is my latest painting. It is Pittsburgh Steeler, L.C. Greenwood. He was part of the four Super Bowl teams from the 1970's. He was also one of the original "Steel Curtain" members. L.C. was often seen sitting along the Steeler bench with the infamous towel over his head. But the thing that really made L.C. as a stand out other than his shear tenacity on the field was his "Steeler gold shoes!" You could pick him out anywhere on the playing field. By the NFL rules of today, a player cannot wear anything other than the team issued shoes. This is a commission piece that I did for Art Rooney, Jr., owner of the Steelers. The painting was made into a collector card which is a limited edition of 1000. The painting is traditional oils on Museum-grade Masonite. The overall size is 16" x 20". This is day one of my "work in progress." Here is day two of my painting of Steeler, L.C. Greenwood. I started to detail his face, towel and laying some detail on his jersey. There is still more detail to come once my base coats of paint dry slightly. Here is today's work on…

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Steeler Digest

Karchner Artwork makes the Steeler Digest

Denny's artwork and painting of former Pittsburgh Steeler, Andy Russell's new book makes the latest issue of the Steeler Digest. In the article, Andy discusses his newest book titled "Beyond The Goalpost," a tribute to his history-making relationship with the Steelers and their fans throughout his career. What an honor to share his legacy through his art! Visit the Steeler Digest website.

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Painting of The Sentinel of Southfork

Work In Progress – The Sentinel of Southfork

This is my third painting of my good friend, Sheldon Hanson. It is traditional oils on Ampersand Gessobord. The overall size is 11" x 14". I painted in the background awhile back to make sure that it was dry. This is day one of my work in progress. Here I painted in the base coat for his coyote skin cap. I had Sheldon pose in an old, full length, buffalo skin robe. He was wearing a full coyote skin cap while holding his favorite flintlock rifle. Here is day two. I have added more detail to Sheldon's coyote skin cap. I will add some more detail after that paint dries. I have roughed in his face and beard. There is still quite a bit of detail to be added here once the base coat sets up over night. This is day three. I added a little more base coat to Sheldon's beard. After it dries, I will start to paint in the actual hairs. I roughed in the collar on his buffalo skin coat and his leather fringed shirt. The dark red piece of cloth with the brass ring is what holds the eagle feather that is lying on his…

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